You are driving along in your lorry or truck. It starts to rain. The next thing you know you cannot see anything behind you.

Cats Whiskers gives you perfect vision.

Cats Whiskers are our patented product that allows up to 97% normal visibility in wet conditions.

Cats Whiskers have been tested by Dunlop, Michelin, Mintex Don, Systems Technology USA, and MIRA UK. This is what they said about our system:

“It was exciting to see a Spray Suppressant perform so well in the spray tunnel.

The Systems simplicity and light weight should make it a very desirable product.”



  • Easy to fit
  • Cost Effective
  • Keeps your drivers safe, and your lorries on the road instead of on tomorrows newspaper headlines.
  • Help to keep your brand and your customers. You never know if your next customer is driving behind one of your vehicles.
how-it-works1Road spray by heavy goods vehicles is a major safety hazard. The wheels of trucks pick up water from the road and hurl it against the mud-guard and flap.The water breaks up into fine spray which is then blown out from the sides and rear of the vehicle to form a moving cloud of moisture. The spray obscures the view of overtaking drives, and the truck drivers rear vision.This is how Cats Whiskers fit onto your vehicles to stop this scenario from happening and giving everyone better visibility.
how-it-works2The unique all-polypropylene air/water separator filament fits close to the tyre and allows air to pass though but converts the spray mist into large droplets which fall back to the road.The slippery plastic filament constantly flex in the airstream, shedding dirt and debris. this self cleaning prevents weight increase and maintains effectiveness.Steered wheels are also very effectively treated as the tyres pass through the brush without damage. Ice and snow present no problem.


Here are what our customers say:

Joshua Tetley & SonJoshua Tetley & Son
Mr Walter Cox, transport engineer of Joshua Tetley & Son says he has found the system very favourable. This is what he says:“The drivers have commented that 20/20 Cats Whiskers makes the rear view much clearer. The plume of spray is kept down which aids visibility and keeps the lorries much cleaner – particularly the canopy sided vehicles – it improves the image of the vehicle and the juggernaughts as a whole”
Bently TransportBently Transport
Mr Roger Bently of Bently Transport, an owner/driver of Foden trucks says:“When I’m driving in the wet 20/20 Cats Whiskers really improves visibility in the rear view mirror. A truck drivers field of vision is just as clouded by spray from the truck as a car driver’s, and this new system gives me a better view of the traffic behind me, also the cab and door mirrors stay cleaner for longer”
J Long & Sons (Haulage ) LtdJ Long & Sons (Haulage ) Ltd
Mr Long, Director of J Long & Sons (Haulage ) Ltd says:“We are very pleased with the results obtained. The effectiveness of 20/20 Cats Whiskers has been shown in increased visibility for overtaking vehicles, and increased rearward veiw from the cab resulting in over all safer driving. As an added bonus, cleanliness of the vehicle is greatly improved”

Here are how the Cats Whiskers match up against normal absorber systems to reduce/eliminate spray.

Requirement Cats Whiskers Other “Absorber” Systems
Seal gap around tyre under all conditions of loading  TICK  cross
Must control/absorb fine spray under all weather conditions  TICK  cross
Must not damage tyres if held in continuous contact  TICK  question
Must be low in weight 5 KG/Wheel excluding mudguard TBA Heavy
Must not interfere with wheel removal  TICK Top section needs to be removed before removing tyre
System must be flexible for safety reasons and porous  TICK  crossImpervious
Must not clog with fibrous material from road  Self cleaning  Clogs rapidly and effectiveness impaired
Must not require other modifications to vehicle  TICK  Cab roof deflector gives improved results in still air conditions
Must not be damaged by clogging in freezing or icy conditions No problems down to -30 C  Clog and can tear off under their own weight
Must approach road surface as closely as possible under all load conditions Only system to attempt control of footprint plume  Rigid and cannot approach closer than 6″ to the road. Do not effectively control footprint plume
Must be cheaply and easily replaceable to minimize after cost  TICK  Total replacement required
Must be simple to fit  TICK  Requires individual trimming to fit specific vehicles
Must be able to treat steered wheels effectively  TICK  cross
Must be corrosion resistant to all chemicals used normally on the road  TICK  question
Must perform at all speeds  TICK  Some systems are not effective at lower speeds (bounce back)
Must perform under heavy surface water conditions  TICK  Saturation of absorbers can result in bubbling outside surface which is stripped by the air steam and creates spray


  • Meets B.S. AU 200/2aand E.E.C 132 final
  • Very low weight
  • No effect on types nor brakes
  • Keeps drivers mirrors and windows cleaner
  • Keeps vehicle livery cleaner
  • Does not hinder wheel removal


  • Available to fit all vehicles and trailers
  • Cheap and easy to repair
  • Simple and quick to fit
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Works in all weather conditions including cross-winds
  • Works in ice nor snow
  • Maintenance fee, self cleaning


Quality Results

Our Custom Build Facilities can manufacture any extrusion you need. Cats Whiskers offer a simple and affordable method of improving the visibility of vehicles in wet conditions with outstanding results.
Keep your lorries on the road and improve your image. Click here to contact us.